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Do You Need Help With Probate?


The Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, assist executors and administrators in all aspects of probate administration activities. Our work helps the executor conclude the affairs of an estate in a lawful, efficient and cost-effective manner. In providing this assistance, we help ensure that the wishes of the decedent regarding the disposition of assets is honored and performed in accordance with the law.

An attorney at our firm can advise you in the actions needed to wrap up an estate in an efficient manner. Call us at 508-528-8300 to arrange for a free consultation.

Timely And Efficient Distribution Of Assets

When probating an estate, debts must be paid, and personal and real property must be distributed or sold. To avoid problems in this process and to maximize revenues from the sale of any property, it is important to handle these matters as expeditiously as possible.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in probate matters and can assist the executor throughout this process, while avoiding any miscues or mistakes that could lead to probate litigation.

At the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, we understand the limited resources of our clients, and we do not charge Boston prices. In addition, our extensive experience enables us to resolve all aspects of estate administration in a timely and efficient manner.

Transferring And Disposing Of Real Estate

Most estates of any size have real estate as a component of the estate, and often this property is the estate’s major asset. Given the fluctuations in the real estate market of Massachusetts, it is usually advisable to sell this property (if that is in accordance with the decedent’s wishes) as quickly as possible to avoid a loss in its value.

As experienced real estate attorneys, we can ensure that this occurs efficiently and with as few problems as possible, and that the estate maximizes the proceeds from the sale.

In matters of estate administration, we have the ability to recognize potential problems, resolve them when necessary, and protect the interests of the estate, the executor and the beneficiaries.

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