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Practical Resolutions For Your Leasing Issues


When you become a party to a real estate lease, protecting your interests is just as important as in an outright sale. Massachusetts has very strict laws that govern the landlord/tenant relationship. It’s important to be in full compliance with all the relevant provisions so that you can move forward confidently with your leasing arrangement.

At the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, our attorneys are highly experienced in a full range of real estate matters, including residential leasing. To learn more about how we can help you with the details of your lease, call us at 508-528-8300. From our office in Franklin, we serve clients throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

The Clients We Serve

John J. Roche and the firm’s other attorneys have been handling Massachusetts real estate transactions with professionalism and efficiency for many years. In our residential leasing practice, the clients we serve include:

  • Landlords
  • Business people involved in relocations and corporate transfers, and property owners interested in leasing to them
  • Property owners seeking to rent out their homes as vacation homes, or so that they can move to a different location
  • Real estate agents who have landlords as clients

It’s important to proceed with care when carrying out transactions like this in Massachusetts. The laws are written in ways that can result in the imposition of stiff fines if the landlord/tenant statute is violated. For example, security deposits must be kept in a separate account, with appropriate interest paid on an annual basis. Failure to do this can be a costly mistake.

At the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, our experienced attorneys can guide you through all aspects of your proposed lease so that your interests are fully protected.

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