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Do You Need Assistance With Corporate Relocation?


The Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, assist corporate relocation firms and corporations in the transfer of employees into and out of Massachusetts.

With our years of experience in facilitating residential real estate transactions and closings, our attorneys can provide corporate relocation agencies with the highest level of service on a consistent basis. We are accurate, communicative and highly responsive to the needs of the relocation agency, the corporation and the individual employee.

As the single point of contact, we can provide turnkey relocation services from the start of the process to the closing, while keeping the client fully informed at all stages of the process.

Seamless And Trouble-Free Transactions

Our many years of facilitating Massachusetts real estate transactions and closings has taught us how to conclude these matters in a fast and efficient manner.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Negotiation of transactions and review of purchase and sale agreements
  • Title examinations
  • Review of all documents
  • Ensuring that all liens are resolved and taxes paid
  • Recording of all papers
  • Provision of documentation and reports in the format required by the corporate relocation agency

Consistent, Efficient And Flexible

In every transaction, we strive to provide a consistently high level of service. When a problem arises as it sometimes does, our experience enables us to quickly resolve the matter. Our lawyers and staff are highly flexible, and respond quickly to the needs of the relocation firm, the employer and the relocating employee. We use state-of-the-art technology for communication, document transfer and storage.

In helping a business move an employee, we understand that the employer wants to achieve full productivity from the relocated employee quickly. Our goal, whether it involves buying a home or selling it, is to achieve a fast and seamless transaction so that the employee and family can accomplish their move and resume their normal lives as soon as possible.

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