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Were You Injured In A Trucking Accident?


Driver negligence or carelessness causes thousands of trucking accidents in New England every year. Many of these result in catastrophic injuries and sometimes death. The victims of these accidents and their families are entitled to compensation for their losses and suffering.

At the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, we are experienced trucking accident attorneys. We fight to obtain justice and compensation for accident victims and their families.

Call us at 508-528-8300 to arrange for a free consultation. An attorney at our firm can explain the legal process, evaluate your prospects for obtaining compensation and discuss what it will take to get results for you.

A Long Record Of Success

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, have a remarkable record of success in trucking accident, car accident and personal injury cases. We understand how to develop a strong and persuasive case. Step by step, we document the events leading up to the accident, the extent of the injuries suffered and the amount of financial loss suffered by the victim.

We visit the site of the accident and interview witnesses. We take measurements and reconstruct what really happened. We look at the safety records of the trucking company and driver. We document every detail and demonstrate the liability of the party responsible.

Seeking Maximum Compensation For Trucking Accident Victims

In every personal injury case we take, our goal is to maximize our client’s compensation. Though money cannot fully compensate for what has been lost in an 18-wheeler accident, a settlement can provide the financial resources the client needs to recover as fully and as completely as possible.

In a semi accident case, you have one chance to obtain compensation and justice. The Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, will pursue your case with energy and conviction.

For a free initial consultation with a trucking accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, call 508-528-8300, or contact us online.

No Recovery No Fee — The lawyers at the Law Offices of Roche and Roche, PC, accept personal injury cases on a contingency basis. You will only pay if we obtain compensation for you.