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How to improve the tenant-landlord relationship

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2022 | Commercial Real Estate

Leasing a property to a tenant is far from a one-time business transaction. To maintain the obligations in the contract, there is an ongoing relationship between a landlord and tenant that must be maintained. While the landlord-tenant relationship is known to be somewhat rocky in many cases, there are ways to make it more respectful and positive. Here are a few ways landlords can improve the relationship with their tenants, which is a must in order to keep good tenants happy and to avoid conflicts: 

  • Communicate: Tenants should be extremely clear on their landlord’s policies and know who can help them if something arises. Making sure this communication is not only clear but empathetic to any potential challenges a tenant might face and forward-thinking about their best interests is critical. 
  • Stay organized: To help tenants feel like they are in good hands, it’s a good idea to take every effort to stay organized. This means keeping all forms and documents in a readily available place, having routine inspections, and providing notices of entry in a clear and consistent way. 
  • Be consistent with communication tools: Even the most organized landlord can miss something when they are fielding calls, texts and emails about something. Keep it simple by designating one preferred method of contact, such as text messaging or a landlord app. Ideally, pick a method that keeps a written record of the communication in case there are legal concerns down the line. 

Keeping the landlord-tenant relationship positive makes good business sense, as it will hopefully lead to longer-term, satisfied renters. Additionally, having a respectful relationship can help to prevent legal issues by making it easier for any tenuous situations to be worked out more easily. Even when issues are being worked out interpersonally, however, it is important to discuss anything that could have legal ramifications with a Maryland lawyer, including and especially the initial lease and any other contracts.