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Tips for first-time home sellers

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Residential Real Estate

A lot of real estate advice online is targeted at first-time buyers. But, selling for the first time can be just as bewildering, even for those who have previously been on the other side of a real estate transaction. Here are a few tips to help first-time sellers in Massachusetts make the right moves when seeking a buyer for their property:

  • Stage the home: A real estate agent can provide home staging tips that will help a house appeal to buyers. This might include removing furniture to make the house look larger, or painting the walls for a fresh look.
  • Be conscious of timing: Timing is important when selling a home. Everything from the date the listing goes up, to availability of showings, to the scheduling of an open house can make a difference in whether the right buyers will be in a position to see and make an offer on the home.
  • Hire the right professionals: Hiring the right professionals can make a big difference in how smoothly the selling process goes. This includes not only a real estate agent but also a photographer and adequate legal support. It can also be helpful to book movers in advance, especially if planning to move at a busier time of year.

Selling a home, much like buying one, can be a stressful process with many aspects to consider. Involving experts who know how to stage a home, time the market, and price real estate can make a big difference for sellers’ peace of mind. One of the most important professionals to connect with early on is a real estate lawyer, as they can help to ensure the process is legally sound from end-to-end.