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Do you need a real estate lawyer when you buy a house?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2021 | Residential Real Estate

There are many legal components to the process of buying a house. An experienced real estate lawyer can be helpful in many ways, especially for first-time homebuyers.

Real estate attorneys help you navigate the paperwork, title issues, mortgage details, legal contracts and other transactions when purchasing a house.

How can a lawyer help with purchase contracts?

Even with a straightforward purchase agreement, it is beneficial to have a real estate lawyer review the contract before you sign it. A professional examination of the document helps you avoid potential issues further in the purchase process.

How does an attorney help before closing on a house?

After you agree on a purchase contract, you need to have a home inspection before closing. If the house has problems you must address, your lawyer can help you negotiate the necessary repairs or secure a reduction in the home sale price.

Attorneys can help answer mortgage questions regarding bank requirements. They can also examine title documents for potential problems, such as liens, unpaid property taxes or other issues.

How does a real estate lawyer assist during closing?

Closing on the purchase of a home involves a significant amount of legal paperwork. Massachusetts law requires that an attorney is present at the closing, but this representation is for the mortgage lender, not you personally. Having your lawyer present to explain the documents to you helps ensure a smooth process.

Purchasing your first house can be overwhelming, and you want to avoid potential legal issues and concerns. Enlisting the help of a professional attorney helps ensure the correct handling of real estate transactions.