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Reasons to list your priorities for your home

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Residential Real Estate

Buying your first home in a Massachusetts neighborhood can be an exciting time, but it can also be frustrating if you have unrealistic expectations about what your residence should be. It is natural to imagine your perfect home, but in reality any home you look at will likely fall short of your expectations in some way. 

To improve your home buying experience, consider how you can narrow your search to more manageable results. One way is to make a list of all the features your home must have for you to buy it. 

Reasons to make a priorities list

Making a list of priorities is not the same as envisioning your perfect home. As The Motley Fool explains, prioritizing what you want in a home may help you to understand the tradeoffs you would make to get the home you want. For example, if you want multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, you may have to settle for a home with smaller yard space. If you desire a house in a location near a shopping center or a school you like, you might trade off certain features not available in that neighborhood. 

What to put on your list

The items you put on your priorities list will ultimately be up to you. Home buyers will differ in their priorities. Possible items may include the following: 

  • Location of the home 
  • The size of the home 
  • Proximity to a school district 
  • Energy efficiency of the residence 
  • The number of bedrooms 

Making this list may even help you to understand if you truly want the priorities you have listed. Reducing your list by one or two items may expand the number of homes that fit your criteria. You may also discover more affordable homes with a smaller list of priorities. Regardless, creating your priorities list should help you avoid buying a home that does not fit your needs.