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Timing is critical for home sales

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Residential Real Estate

When people decide to sell their home in Massachusetts, the process of readying their property to make it appealing to potential buyers may take time. As soon as they recognize their interest in selling, people may benefit from beginning right away to assess their situation and identify what to do to make their home sellable.

Multiple factors require consideration for a home sale to be effective including timing, the condition of the housing market, necessary home repairs or upgrades and even personal circumstances.

Timing requires strategy

Perhaps one of the most important factors in selling a home is when people choose to sell. If people aimlessly throw their home on the market without a second thought as to market conditions, the success of their sale may disappoint. According to, the average time that it takes to secure financing and close on a sale from the time of accepting an offer is around 45 days. If the seller needs to make alternative housing arrangements, this time frame may provide insight as they organize their affairs.

People may benefit from researching housing sales in their locale to identify which time of the month and which days of the month are the most ideal to list their property. Strategizing to select the best possible time to list their home, allows people a better chance at accomplishing two goals: reducing the number of days their house is on the market and hopefully increasing the profit they get.

Making a home desirable

People who spend adequate time readying their home to sell can market their property with confidence. suggests that people consider doing things like touching up marks on their walls, removing or hiding valuables, sprucing up their yard and exterior, and prioritizing cleaning.