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Can a construction defect affect my home purchase?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2019 | Firm News, Residential Real Estate

There is almost nothing more frustrating about buying your dream home than later discovering there are problems with the house you did not know about during the purchase. If you buy a fixer-upper, you may already know that there are issues with the house that need addressing. However, not everyone would want the challenge or expense of buying a home with existing construction issues. You and other Massachusetts residents may be interested in learning about construction defect complications.

According to FindLaw, construction defects are not only inconvenient while you are living in the home. They can affect a home’s resale value and cost you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Many defects are easy for a home inspector to spot, such as water and drainage issues, plumbing problems, mold and foundation cracks. Other problems, such as substandard building materials, dry rot and structural issues, are not so easy to find and can even take years before you discover them.

The classic Tom Hanks movie examines what can happen to unsuspecting homebuyers when they encounter significant construction defects. However, a real-life money pit is far from humorous. The most effective way to avoid unknown construction defects is to have the home checked by a reputable inspector before the purchase. If issues show up later, you may need further inspections to prove the problems were there before you bought the home. Since this topic can be complex, the information in this blog is not meant to take the place of a lawyer’s advice.