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Real Estate Financing

Boston Real Estate Financing Attorneys

Making Sure All the Pieces Are In Place

Modern real estate transactions can become very complicated. With financing considerations, government regulations and a host of other issues affecting the transaction, it's important to have a trusted third party who can cut through the confusion and answer your questions with clarity and candor.

At Roche & Roche, in Franklin, Massachusetts, our lawyers play that role well. Using our extensive experience in real estate matters, we often work with potential buyers to explain the details needed to accomplish a given transaction. In other cases, we provide title and settlement services to lenders. To learn more about how we can help you resolve issues about real estate financing, call us at (508) 528-8300.

Making the Complex As Simple As Possible

If you are considering the acquisition of real estate, there are numerous aspects of the proposed deal that need to be handled properly. These include:

  • Good faith estimates of closing costs
  • Interest rate
  • Title charges
  • Lender charges (including upfront charges)
  • Deposits paid at the signing of the contract
  • Logistics of the closing

We have the knowledge and experience to explain how these things should be structured and to make sure the right arrangements are in place. In short, our lawyers know how to make the complex simple. Let us answer your questions in an informative, professional way, so you can move forward with confidence on your transaction.

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For a free consultation with one of our attorneys about real estate financing, call (508) 528-8300 or contact us online.