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Business Contracts

Massachusetts Business Contracts Law Firm

As part of our overall business law practice at Roche & Roche, PC, we advise clients in matters involving business contacts.

Our work in this practice area includes:

  • Writing contracts
  • Reviewing contract language and documents
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Identifying areas of concern

We help clients fashion and negotiate all types of business contracts, including sales contracts, partnership agreements, business agreements, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, real estate contracts, and others.

Understanding the Larger Picture

With 38 years of experience and deep roots in eastern Massachusetts, our firm understands how business is conducted here. Our attorneys often serve as advisors and counselors to small to medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs in this region. Because of our experience and our position outside the everyday business activity of these firms, we see the larger picture that busy executives can sometimes lose sight of.

Protecting the Client's Rights and Interests

This perspective allows us to identify potential problems in proposed business contracts and recommend modifications or additions to contract language that more fully protects the client.

Occasionally, however, a contract dispute threatens to erupt into a lawsuit. We also undertake and defend litigation involving contracts and business disputes. In all our work, whether it involves contract writing, contract review, or contract negotiation, our goal is to protect our client's rights and interests by providing informed counsel and sound advice.

For a free initial consultation with a business contracts lawyer at Roche & Roche, PC, call (508) 528-8300, or contact us online.